Crocker Student Council

  • Student Body/Council Officers include a president (eighth grader), vice president (eighth grader), secretary, and treasurer. Candidates for these offices must submit a candidacy form which includes faculty approval. Following campaigning, approved candidates deliver a speech outlining their platform for the forthcoming year. Speeches are delivered before the entire student body at an election assembly after the speech has been approved by a Crocker leadership teacher. Voting occurs after the assembly. Absentee votes are included in the vote count. Other positions of leadership include commissioners, advisory representatives, and community service representatives.

    Eligibility Requirements

    For students to run for student body office, they must complete the following:

    1. Completion of candidacy forms with the required approval signatures.
    2. No grade received below a "C" in any subject during the last trimester.
    3. No more than three detentions or a suspension during the current school year.
    4. No grade below a "C" or no more than three detentions or a suspension while in office.

    Election of Class Officers

    Class officers will be elected by the end of the third week of school. Candidates for class offices must submit a candidacy application which includes faculty approval. Eligibility requirements are the same as for the student body offices. Each class will hold an assembly for speeches. At the end of the assembly, the students will vote for their candidates, as supervised by the class advisors. A simple majority will determine the winners. Class presidents will serve as representatives to the School Site Council.

    Student Council Representatives

    Each advisory elects a representative and an alternate to the student council. 

    Student Store

    The Crocker Student Store was created during the 2005-2006 school year. It is run and staffed by student volunteers, with all of the profits going directly to the Student Council account. The Student Store is located in the courtyard and is open during morning recess every school day. Here are the items available in the store and their prices:

    Crocker Hooded Sweatshirts - $35
    Crocker Zip Hooded Sweatshirts- $35
    Crocker knit caps (beanies) - $10
    Crocker Visors (blue or gold) - $10
    Crocker Wristbands (blue) - $2
    Viking Mascot doll (Vinnie!) - $7
    Crocker pens - $1
    Propel Water - $1
    Apple Juice - $ .50
    Granola Bar - $ .50
    Rice Krispie Treat - $ .50
    Baked Lay’s Potato Chips - $ .50