School Impact Fees (Developer Fees)

  • Per Government Code section 53080, the Hillsborough City School District is authorizied to levy a fee for residential development projects that occur within the boundaries of the district.  For all new construction or additions that are over 500 square feet a fee of $0.90 per square foot will be collected.

    To submit a school impact fee, please complete the following: 

    • School District Certification of Payment
    • Mail the completed form and payment in the form of a check to HCSD, attention Business Office
      • Calulation of payment is the square footage of the project multiplied by .90 
      • Example of calculation: 650 sq ft X .90 = $585.

    A receipt will be emailed once the completed forms and payment are received.  If you have questions, please email

    Hillsborough City School District
    300 El Cerrito Avenue
    Hillsborough, CA 94010
    (650) 342-5193